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HRGC 2018

In 2014 we started a movement to look at how we reinvent HR. We wanted to talk about what it will look like when we’ve changed the game.  We asked HR people to imagine when:

• Every CEO considers HR the most vital key to success

• People understand the power of what HR delivers

• HR teams are resourced to be proactive and business focused

• HR professionals are seen as business people.

When this happens, then the game will have changed!

Angela  Atkins talks with Carol Hirschfeld about why the HR Game Changer came about.

At the HR Game Changer conference in NZ and the UK in 2014 - ideas were shared, suggestions discussed and a map formed of what we could do as a profession to change the game. This included:

• Creating Rock Star CEO’s

• Building true leaders

• Treating managers as our HR delivery arm

• Experimenting with our HR processes

It was a fantastic start. In 2015 we then explored different tools and techniques to put game changing in place in your organisation.

In 2017 the journey continues - this time looking at the next generation of HR and Learning and new products and tools to take you there!

Wellington 2015 Melbourne 2015 London 2014 Auckland 2014

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